Our team

Our team

Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff, Ph.D., RN, FGSA

Associate Professor
Senior Nurse Researcher
Department of Adult Health and Nursing Systems; Department of Neurology

1100 East Leigh Street, Room 3063
Box 980567
Richmond, VA 23298-0567

Phone: (804) 828-3340
Email: iaboff@vcu.edu


I have taught in nursing undergraduate and Ph.D. programs. I enjoy teaching health assessment, research, neurology and med/surg topics in adult health. I also enjoy mentoring students on their research projects in the undergraduate and graduate programs. I have served as doctoral student advisor and dissertation chairperson on nursing and interdisciplinary teams.


My research focuses on the development of interventions that improve function and optimize the independence of people with Parkinson’s disease.  I have developed and tested community exercise programs and efficacy-based function focused care programs for people with Parkinson’s disease and their families. My recent research centers on the development of devices that deliver stimulation to the nervous system reducing motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. This effort incorporates faculty and students across disciplines, schools, universities, and industry. I work closely with colleagues in the VCU Department of Neurology on research efforts involving movement disorders. 


I am an Affiliate Scholar of the Langston Center for Innovation in Quality & Safety and a Fellow in the Gerontological Society of America (GSA). I Co-Direct the Graduate Health Care Innovation Certificate, am a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the Movement Disorder Society, Gerontological Society of America, American Geriatric Society, Sigma Theta Tau, and the Virginia Nurses Association. I work closely with the Parkinson’s disease community and enjoy sharing my research results with students, health care professionals, and support groups.


  • BSN - New York University, NY – SON
  • MA - New York University, NY -  SON
  • CNS - University of Delaware, DE – Post Masters Certificate in Cardiopulmonary Clinical Nurse Specialist, SON
  • Ph.D. – Doctorate of Philosophy, University of Maryland, MD – SON


  • 2020 - Featured in “Faculty Spotlight” NEXT Magazine
  • 2019 - Langston Center for Innovation in Quality & Safety
    • Affiliate Scholar
  • 2018 - Gerontological Society of America 
    • Selected Fellow
  • 2016 - UD College of Health Sciences
    • Excellence in Service Award (nomination)
  • 2015 - National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence.
    • Innovation Award – Development of an Interdisciplinary Telehealth Clinic for People Living with Parkinson’s Disease



  • 2020-2024: SCH: Context-aware Freezing of Gait mitigation in real-world setting. Funded by NIH/NIND1R01NS120560-01
  • 2019-2020: The PDSock. R&D. Funded by VCU, SON, Innovations grant.
  • 2019-2021:  Optimizing Vibration Therapy to Improve Gait and Balance. Funded by Michael J. Fox (MJFF)
  • 2018 -2020:  Vibration Tremor Pilot. Funded by Resonate Forward (RF). 
  • 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017: PI/PD, The Nurse Managed Parkinson’s Telehealth Clinic. Funded by The Parkinson Council. 


  • Sun, M., Watson, A., Blackwell, G., et al., Pretzer-Aboff, I. (submitted October 7, 2020). Tremor Sense: Tremor Detection for Parkinson’s Disease Using Convolutional Neural Network. ACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare. [R,D]
  • Sargent, Lana; Slattum, Patricia; Brooks, Edward; Gendron, Tracey; Mackiewicz, Marissa; Diallo, Ana; Waters, Bert; Winship, Jodi; Battle, Kimberly; Ford, Gregory; Falls, Katherine; Chung, Jane; Zanjani, Faika; Pretzer-Aboff, Ingrid; Price, Elvin; Prom-Wormley, Elizabeth; Parsons, Pamela. Bringing Transdisciplinary Aging Research from Theory to Practice (TG-2020-0723). The Gerontologist. In Press.

  • McCormick, M., Pretzer-Aboff, I., Hood, D., and Vernon, G. Providing authentic learning experiences about Parkinson's disease: Bringing humanity into the classroom. International Journal for Human Caring. [Accepted October 6, 2020; will be published online: 25(4) 2021. [R,D]
  • Aggarwal, R., Pretzer-Aboff, I., Winfree, K.N+., Agrawal, S.K., & Behari, M. (2019). Clinical outcomes of step-synchronized vibration training in Parkinson's disease patients with freezing of gait. Annals of Movement Disorders. Submitted Nov. 8, 2018 for review, accepted Feb. 2019.
  • Morris, C., Pretzer-Aboff, I., & Gallucci, G. (2017 July). Delaware’s Journey in Adopting Telehealth. Delaware Medical Journey, 89(7), 204 – 208.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I., Bunting-Perry, L., & Spindler, M. (September-October, 2016). The implications of Parkinson’s disease for women's health. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing, 45 (5), 723-736. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jogn.2016.02.015
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I., & Prettyman, A. (2015). Implementation of an Integrative Holistic Healthcare Model for People with Parkinson’s. The Gerontologist, 55 (S1), S146-153. DOI: 10.1093/geront/gnv004.
  • Uygur, M+. Bellumori, M+., LeNoir, K+., Poole, K.+, Pretzer-Aboff, I., & Knight, C.A. (2015). Immediate effects of high speed cycling intervals on bradykinesia in Parkinson’s disease. Physiotherapy Theory & Practice, 31(2):77-82. PMID: 25347790.
  • Shin, J.Y., Habermann, B., & Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2015). Challenges and strategies of medication adherence in Parkinson’s disease: A qualitative study. Geriatric Nursing, 36,192-196. PMID: 25728485.
  • Winfree, K.N.+, Pretzer-Aboff, I., & Agrawal, S. (2015, Nov.). Robust automated step extraction from time-series contact force data using the PDShoe. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering. DOI: 10.1109/TNSRE.2014.2382641. PMID: 25532188.




  • Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2016, November 3). Barriers and facilitators to function in Parkinson’s disease. Presented at the John’s Hopkins, Beebe Healthcare Parkinson’s Disease: Management Strategies Education Program for Healthcare Providers, Rehoboth, DE.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2016, March 19). Community-Based Function-Focused Care for Persons Living with Parkinson’s disease. Presented at the Movement Disorders: Translating Research Into Practice Conference. Hosted by the University of Maryland Rehabitation Network in Baltimore, MD.


Local / State

  • Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2018, May 22).  Nursing’s role in the care of people with Parkinson’s disease. Presented at the Edmond J. Safra Foundation for the Visiting Nurses Faculty Program at the Parkinson’s Foundation. Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I., (2018, February 27). Vibration for treatment of Freezing of Gait, does it work? Presented to faculty at the Veteran’s Affairs PD Center, PADRECC,  Southeast Richmond, VA.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I., (2018, January 30). Vibration for treatment of Freezing of Gait in people with Parkinson’s disease. Presented to the Movers and Shakers education meeting, SOM, VCU SON building, Richmond, VA.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I., (2018, January 19). Vibration for treatment of Freezing of Gait. Presented at the Movers and Shakers Committee meeting in the VCU NOW Center, Richmond, VA.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2016, Nov. 11). Nursing Research in Parkinson’s disease. Presented at the Edmond J. Safra Foundation for the visiting Nurse Faculty Program. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I., (2016, Nov. 7). “Starting a Parkinson’s disease Telehealth Clinic: Successes and Lessons Learned. Invited speaker to the UD Telehealth certification course. Newark, Delaware.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I., (2016, March 24). “Parkinson’s disease – what is it and does vibration really work” Invited speaker to the UD Medical Diagnostics Pre-PA & Pre-Med Program Capstone course. Newark, Delaware.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2015, October). “Perspectives on Telehealth: Opportunities and Challenges for Delaware.”   Invited panel speaker at the Telehealth in Delaware Conference. Newark, DE.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2015, October). “Starting a Chronic Disease Telehealth Clinic: Successes and Challenges.” Invited podium speaker at the Telehealth in Delaware Conference. Newark, Delaware.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2015, June 10). Parkinson’s - Optimizing function, tricks of the trade, a qualitative study. Presented at the Smyrna Parkinson’s Support group. Christiana Care Rehabilitative Services, Smyrna, DE.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2015, May 29). Nursing Research in Parkinson’s disease. Presented at the Edmond J. Safra Foundation for the visiting Nurse Faculty Program. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2015, May 28). Nursing in Parkinson’s disease and nursing care concepts. Presented at the Edmond J. Safra Foundation for the Visiting Nurse Faculty Program. Johns Hopkins University Movement Disorder Center, Baltimore, MD.


Invited talks

  • Pretzer-Aboff, I (2018, October 13). Parkinson’s medication – what you need to know. Invited speaker for PD Sussex County Education Program. Rehoboth, DE.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I (2018, October 8). Self-Efficacy. Invited speaker for PD Self program. Richmond, VA.
  • Pretzer-Aboff, I. (2018, January 24). Conflict of Interest Pathway – my journey. Invited speaker for VCU Research Council. Richmond, VA
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