Our team

Our team

Jeanne Salyer, Ph.D., RN, FNAP

Associate Professor
Department of Adult Health and Nursing Systems


1100 East Leigh Street, Room 3037

Phone: (804) 828-3373
Email: jsalyer@vcu.edu


In the School of Nursing, most faculty have the opportunity to teach across programs. As a result, I have enjoyed the opportunity to teach in the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs. In the undergraduate program, I have consistently taught in the RN-BS Program. As a diploma nurse, I am committed  to helping students advance their education. I teach NURS 308 in this program. I also teach in the doctoral program in a series of courses focusing of research program development Mentoring doctoral students as their advisor and dissertation chair is a privilege and something I enjoy in my faculty role


My research program focuses on patients with end stage heart failure, those requiring mechanical circulatory support and those requiring cardiac transplantation. Currently I am working on investigations of symptom clusters in patients with advanced heart failure, validation  of a risk stratification tool used in psychosocial assessment of patients being evaluated for LVAD implantation, and cardiometabolic risk in long-term liver transplant recipients.


In addition to my service to the School of Nursing and the University, I am a member of the Editorial Board for Progress in Transplantation and serve as an ad hoc reviewer for several refereed journals and scientific societies.


  • Diploma University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham, AL
  • BSN University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
  • MSN University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
    Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • PhD Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA
    Nursing Service Administration


  • Outstanding Faculty, VCU School of Nursing 2014
  • Elected Distinguished Scholar, National Academies of Practice in Nursing 2007
  • Sigma Theta Tau International, Gamma Omega Chapter Research Award 2005


  • 2014-2015: An, K., Sterling, R. (Co-PIs) et al. “The impact of autonomic dysfunction on liver-related symptom in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and their relationship to systemic inflammation and insulin resistance”. Funded by the Center for Clinical & Translational Research Endowment Fund of Virginia Commonwealth University ($26,760)


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  • April 2019: Salyer J, Sargent L, Tirado C, Flattery M & Shah K. “Anticholinergic burden and cognitive impairment in heart failure patients”. International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation 39th meeting and scientific sessions, April 3-6, 2019, Orlando, FL [R, D]
  • November 2018: An K, Salyer J, & Siddiqui M. “Cardiovascular risk and metabolic profile of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease patients and liver transplant recipients“. American Heart Association 2018 Meeting and Scientific Sessions, Chicago,Illinois  [R, D].
  • March 2016: An K, Kim C, Salyer J, Bruffey S, & Sterling R. “Cardiovascular Risk & Mortality with Progression of Liver Disease”.  American Heart Association EPI/ Lifestyle Scientific Sessions 2016, March 1-4, 2016, Phoenix, Arizona [R,D]
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