Our team

Our team

Hayley Fried

Manager, Biobehavioral Research Laboratory

1100 East Leigh Street, Room 4025B
PO Box 980567
Richmond, VA 23298-0567

Phone: (804) 828-9271
Email: hifried@vcu.edu

The manager of the Biobehavioral Research Laboratory, processes samples, conducts assays, and maintains the lab and research equipment.  Additionally, assays are performed for various research experiments and contract work is performed for entities within and outside of the university.  For additional information on how the VCU School of Nursing Biobehavioral Research Laboratory can be of service to you as a research investigator, please contact Dr. Theresa Swift-Scanlan, Director, Biobehavioral Research Laboratory.

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Box 980567 | 1100 East Leigh Street | Richmond, Virginia 23298-0567
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