Our team

Our team

Deborah B. McGuire, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship and Innovation
Florence E. Elliott Professor
Department of Adult Health and Nursing Systems


1100 East Leigh Street, Room 4001B
Box 980567
Richmond, VA 23298-0567

Phone: (804) 828-2095
Email: dbmcguire@vcu.edu


  • PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, Nursing Sciences
  • MS, University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago, IL, Medical Surgical Nursing with Oncology Subspecialty
  • BSN, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, Nursing

Representative Publications (selected)

  1. McGuire, D. B., DeLoney, V. G., Yeager, K. A., Owen, D. C., Peterson, D. E., Lin, L. S., & Webster, J.  (2000). Maintaining study validity in a changing clinical environment.  Nursing Research, 49, 231-235.
  2. Kim, H. J., McGuire, D.B., Tulman, L., & Barsevick, A.M. (2005).  Symptom clusters:  Concept analysis and clinical implications for cancer nursing.  Cancer Nursing, 28, 270-282.
  3. McGuire, D. B., Correa, M.E.P., Johnson, J., & Wienandts, P. (2006).  The role of basic oral care and good clinical practice principles in the management of oral mucositis.  Supportive Care in Cancer, 14, 541-547.
  4. McGuire, D.B., Johnson, J., & Migliorati, C. (2006).  Promulgation of guidelines for mucositis management:  Educating health care professionals and patients.  Supportive Care in Cancer, 14, 548-557. 
  5. Keefe, D., Schubert, M.M., Elting, L.S., Sonis, S.T., Epstein, J.B., Raber-Durlacher, J.E., Migliorati, C.A., McGuire, D.B., Hutchins, R.D., & Peterson, D.E. (2007).  Updated clinical practice guidelines for the prevention and treatment of mucositis.  Cancer, 109, 820-831.
  6. Brown, C.G., McGuire, D.B., Beck, S.L., Peterson, D.E., & Mooney, K.H. (2007).  Visual graphical analysis:  A technique to investigate symptom trajectories over time.  Nursing Research, 56, 195-201.
  7. Dudley, W.N., McGuire, D.B., Peterson, D., & Wong, B.  (2009). The application of multi-level growth curve analysis in cancer treatment toxicities:  The exemplar of oral mucositis and pain.  Oncology Nursing Forum, 36, 1-9.  (online exclusive article)
  8. Brown, C.G., Beck, S.L., Peterson, D.E., McGuire, D.B., Dudley, W.N., & Mooney, K.H. (2009). Patterns of sore mouth in outpatients with cancer receiving chemotherapy.  Supportive Care in Cancer, 17, 413-428.
  9. Brown, C.G., McGuire, D.B., Peterson, D.E., Beck, S.L., Dudley, W.N., & Mooney, K.H.  (2009).  The experience of a sore mouth and associated symptoms in patients with cancer receiving outpatient chemotherapy.  Cancer Nursing, 32. 259-270.
  10. Haisfield-Wolfe, M.E., McGuire, D.B., Soeken, K., Geiger-Brown, J., & DeForge, B.R.  (2009). Prevalence and correlates of depression among patients with head and neck cancer:  A systematic review of implications for research.  Oncology Nursing Forum, 36, 1-19.
  11. McGuire, D.B., & Sherman, D.W. (Eds.) (2010).  Integrating palliative care into cancer care.  Seminars in Oncology Nursing, 26, 203-284 (entire issue)
  12. Griffith, K., McGuire, D.B., & Russo, M.  (2010). Meeting survivors’ unmet needs:  An integrated framework for survivor and palliative care.  Seminars in Oncology Nursing, 26, 231-242.
  13. Epstein, J.E., Hong, C., Logan, R.M., Barasch, A., Gordon, S.M., Oberlee-Edwards, L., McGuire, D., Napenas, J.J., Elting, L.S., Spijkervet, F.K.L., & Brennan, M.T.  (2010).  A systematic review of orofacial pain in patients receiving cancer therapy.  Supportive Care in Cancer, 18, 1023-1031.
  14. McGuire, D.B., Kaiser, K.S., Soeken, K., & Reifsnyder, J.  (2011). Assessing pain in non-responsive hospice patients: Development and preliminary testing of the Multidimensional Objective Pain Assessment Tool (MOPAT). Journal of Palliative Medicine, 14, 287-292.
  15. McGuire, D.B., Grant, M., & Park, J.  (2012).  Palliative care and end of life:  The caregiver.  Nursing Outlook, 60, 351-356.
  16. Haisfield-Wolfe, M.E., McGuire, D.B., Soeken, K., Geiger-Brown, J., DeForge, B.R., & Suntharalingam, M.  (2012). Prevalence and correlates of symptoms and uncertainty in illness among head and neck cancer patients receiving definitive radiation with or without chemotherapy. Supportive Care in Cancer, 20, 1885-1893.
  17. Haisfield-Wolfe, M.E., McGuire, D.B., & Krumm, S.  (2012). Coping in the context of uncertainty in head and neck cancer patients receiving radiation therapy with or without chemotherapy.  Oncology Nursing Forum. 39, E249-E257 (online exclusive article). 
  18. Reville, B., Reifsnyder, J., McGuire, D.B., Kaiser, K., & Santana, A.J. (2013).  Education and referral criteria:  Impact on oncology referrals to palliative care.  Journal of Palliative Medicine. e-pub ahead of print doi: 10.1089/jpm.2012.0487.
  19. McGuire, D.B., Fulton, J., Park, J., Brown, C.G., Correa, M.E.P., Eilers, J., Elad, S., Gibson, F., Oberlee-Edwards, L., Bowen, J., & Lalla, R.V.  (2013). Systematic review of basic oral care for the management of oral mucositis in cancer patients.  Supportive Care in Cancer, 21, 3165-3177.
  20. Sherman, D.W., McGuire, D.B., Free, D., & Cheon, J.  (in press).  A pilot study of the experience of family caregivers of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer using a mixed methods approach.  Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

Current/Recent Research Funding (selected)

5R01NR013664-02 McGuire, D. (PI/MPI) 08/07/12-05/31/2016
National Institute of Nursing Research/NIH
Managing Acute Pain in Critically Ill Non-communicative Palliative Care Patients
The purpose of this study is to test whether a pain algorithm that incorporates the Multidimensional Objective Pain Assessment Tool (MOPAT) and an analgesic order set improves pain severity and use of pharmacologic pain management strategies in critically ill non-communicative palliative care patients who are hospitalized on medical, surgical, and trauma intensive care units when compared to patients without the algorithm.

5R01NR009684 McGuire, D. (PI) 09/05/2006-06/30/2011
National Institute of Nursing Research/NIH
Pain Assessment in Non-communicative Palliative Care Patients
The specific aims of this project are to test the reliability, validity, and clinical utility of the Multidimensional Objective Pain Assessment Tool (MOPAT) for assessing acute pain in non-communicative palliative care patients in an inpatient tertiary acute care hospital and an inpatient community hospice.

1R15NR010139 Wiegand, D. (PI) 04/09/2009-3/31/2012
National Institute of Nursing Research/NIH
Family Experience: End of Life for a Family Member with a Chronic Illness
Role: Co-Investigator
The purpose of this project is to explore and describe the experience of family members participating in the processes of withholding and withdrawing LST from a family member with a life-threatening exacerbation of a chronic illness, and also to describe family member experiences during the dying process. In addition, quantitative data will be collected related to family member stress, anxiety, depression, and risk for post-traumatic stress.

Awards, Fellowships & Honors (selected)

  • Fellow, American Academy of Nursing, 1991
  • Oncology Nursing Society/Chiron Award for Excellence of Scholarship and Consistency of Contribution to the Oncology Nursing Literature, 2000
  • Oncology Nursing Society faculty representative for ONS/International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care Introductory Research Symposium, 13th ISNCC Conference on Cancer Nursing, Sydney, Australia, 2004
    American Cancer Society State of the Science Lectureship, 2001 (inaugural recipient of what is now the ONS State of the Science Lectureship)
  • First author of article among top 25 most cited articles in Nursing Research over past 10 years, 2010
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