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Key Initiatives

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“Primary care Options to Maximize Opportunities to Transform Education in Nursing” is a program to increase the number of nurses in community-based clinical sites that provide care to underserved populations. The project aims to address the lack of community-based nurses who are prepared to meet the health care needs of the underserved. PROMOTE-Nursing expands on the VCU School of Nursing’s current service-learning model that requires undergraduate students to complete four hours per week of clinical service during their senior community health clinical course. Through partnerships with three innovative community-based primary care settings, the project provides additional clinical experience for students interested in community-based care.

Doulas Program

The Doulas of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is a dedicated and compassionate group of nursing students who volunteer their time as labor and birth doulas. A doula is a trained birth assistant. They are not medical providers like a nurse midwife, nurse or physician, but they provide valuable emotional and psychosocial support during pre-birth, labor and delivery, and postpartum (or after birth) periods. Our doulas only provide labor and delivery support at this time.


The Richmond Health and Wellness Program, led by Pam Parsons, director of practice and community engagement, is a community-based care coordination initiative that has become an interprofessional training ground for future nurses and a national model for community engagement. RHWP brings together students from the VCU Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, Social Work, Occupational Therapy and the Department of Psychology, to provide integrated care to residents in apartment buildings that are designated for older adults and those with disabilities. The program serves low-income older adults who have limited access to care or who are in need of coordinated care services. The goal is to improve the health and well-being of residents in their homes.

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