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VCU School of Nursing recognizes 134 new graduates

VCU School of Nursing recognizes 134 new graduates

VCU School of Nursing recognized 134 new graduates at the Fall 2019 Recognition Ceremony held Dec. 13 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.  The ceremony also featured the presentation of awards to the following graduates:

Gifts to the institution to honor Doris B. Yingling have been used to establish an award to a senior student. This recognition is based on outstanding leadership ability, potential for professional growth, evidence of support for the School of Nursing, and evidence of concern for community affairs.

With funds given by faculty and students in recognition for the retirement of Miss Mabel E. Montgomery, Treasurer, State Board of Nursing Examiners 1948-71, this award is intended to recognize excellence in clinical nursing as evidenced by independent and rational judgment, a high level of interpersonal and technical skills, a high level of nursing knowledge, impetus for positive change and professional responsibility.

The Chapters of St. Philip Alumnae Association present the Mayme B. Wilson Lacy Award to a graduating nursing student, irrespective of race, color, creed, sex or national origin, who is highly committed to nursing as a profession, demonstrates the ability to consistently give good nursing care to all patients, works well with the health care team and shows promise of supporting professional organizations.

This award recognizes Marguerite Nicholson, graduate of 1934, for her many contributions to the School and to nursing in Virginia. Made possible by funds raised by the Nursing School Alumni, the award is presented to a senior student for humanitarian qualities of unselfishness, helpfulness to others, consideration, humility and loyalty to the School of Nursing.

BETSY BAMPTON RN AWARD – Patricia Osei-Asante
Dr. Bampton served admirably in many roles during her long tenure with the School of Nursing. There is no role she enjoyed more than advising and teaching RN to B.S. students. This award is presented to a graduating RN to B.S. student who demonstrates excellence within the School of Nursing in clinical expertise, leadership, and personal qualities.

Initiated in 1980, the Dr. Martha M. Borlick Research Award is presented at the School of Nursing Recognition Ceremony to Ph.D. student(s) in nursing who demonstrate(s) excellence in nursing research as evidenced in the research culminating products.

The full list of graduates follows below. View a photo album on our school's Facebook page.


Christopher Tod Brindle
“Incidence and Predictor Variables of Pressure Injuries in Patients
Undergoing Ventricular Assist Device and Total Artificial Heart Surgeries: An Eight-Year Retrospective Review”
Advisor: Dr. Jo Robins

Karin Emery*
“Examining Biobehavioral Variables and Predictors Associated with Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management”
Advisor: Dr. Jo Robins

 *summer 2019 graduate



Samara Aizaz
Jordan Albright
Pamela Aldridge
Mariana Altman
Taylor Asimakopoulos
Jennifer Bagget
Morgan Barker
Briana Barnett
Jade Barr
Andrea Berger
Tameka Birdlow
Christine Birdsell
Christian Briggs
Karen Briley
Pauleatha Britt
Holly Brown
Allyson Buennemeyer
Sydney Bullock
John Butler
Kallen Bynum
Latoya Cabbell
Hannah Christen
Rebecca Christian
Sarah Colombo
Shannon Cunningham
Taylor Desmond
Brandy Deunk
Regina Drake-Parguey
Anna Evans
Stefanie Farris
Kayleigh Fitzpatrick
Teresa Fruchterman
Megan Geis
Jackie Geyer
Susan Goodall
Jenna Graham
Madison Greene
Elliot Greenham
Nicole Hadzic
Erin Hall
Ayinwaa Hammond
Molly Hatton
Janelle Hertzog
Holly Hittinger
Ashley Hooks
Dionna Howard
Kimberly Hughes
Taylor Hutchinson
Isis Joens
Kaitlyn Jones
Jenna Jones
Diane Joo
Zhanar Jumanova
Kinza Kashif
Catrina Kennon
Erin Kersten
Lauren King
Sara King
Taylor Kohn
Tracy Kramer
Heather Larkin
Dorothy Lee
Hannah Lee
Alisa Lehr
Christopher Lengthorn
Ashley Lewis
Kathryn Lloyd
Ashley Lowe
Rachel Lucy
Brittny Magazine
Michelle Magee
Virginia Marshall
Jennifer Martin
Cindy Martinez-Kilgo
Megan Matthews
Jioni Mehciz
Sandra Menendez
Jayden Metzger
Jennifer Mohammed
Tanika Motley
Jennifer Mouton
Anna Mullally
Katherine Mullery
Ann Neville
Faith Nkwonta
Victoria Northington
Brianne Oglesby
Brianna Ong
Ikenna Onyeador
Jennifer Osardu
Patricia Osei-Asante
Meena Park
Maria Parker
Camille Peeples
Madalyn Pennington
Collin Peterson
Danielle Pobre
Laura Quiroga
Holyn Radack
Laura Radigan
Syeda Rahman
Kristen Rakes
Allison Robey
Aquiles Romero
Madeleine Ross
Mary Ruhl
Taylor Russell
Joanna Sandager
Amandeep Sandhu
Maria Santacoloma
Melissa Schaefer
Samantha Serio
Elizabeth Shands
Kristina Shumate
Krisha Marie Silva
Carina Simpkins
Aryn Spence
Rachel Stephens
Gloria Treadway
Rebecca Truban
Mckenzie Uphoff
John Maury Van Kleef
Kyle Vess
Calista Victor
Hannah Viers
Petra Wagner
Parker Webster
Cara Weidinger
Maria White
Tiffany Wilson
Amanda Wray
Indiana Wright










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