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Vesting ceremony welcomes students to their start in nursing

Vesting ceremony welcomes students to their start in nursing

Faculty helped students don their vests.

Excitement and smiles filled the room as the VCU School of Nursing welcomed members of the traditional B.S. class of 2021 to the start of their journey in the nursing profession. The Spring 2019 Vesting Ceremony was held in Hermes A. Kontos Medical Sciences Building Auditorium. More than 70 students, joined by family and friends, attended the event.

The vesting ceremony has replaced what used to be the school's white coat ceremony to be in alignment with the "bare below the elbows" movement in health care. 

Jean Giddens, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, dean and professor of the School of Nursing, applauded the students for choosing nursing as a career and pledged support to help them achieve their goals. 

"At VCU, we have an incredible group of faculty and staff who dedicate themselves to create an environment where you are supported and encouraged - - - - an environment where you can learn and thrive regardless of your background, your experiences, your GPA," Giddens said.  "We have high expectations of our faculty, staff - - and students! You are now VCU Ram Nurses and I truly hope your experience is nothing short of wonderful and exceptional."

School of Nursing faculty were part of the ceremony, helping students to don their vests. View a photo album from the event on the SON Facebook page.

The school also held a vesting ceremony in the fall for the accelerated B.S. class of 2019. View a photo album from the fall vesting ceremony on the SON Facebook page. 

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