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Post-master’s certificate

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Are you a registered nurse with a master’s or doctoral degree as an advanced practice registered nurse (NP or CNS) who’s seeking additional certification? The post-master’s certificate provides an individual plan of study based on your need for additional certification or specialization.

Certificate concentrations

Program guidelines

  • Courses are selected based on the student’s master’s preparation.
  • Advanced placement will be determined by transcript review, review of syllabi of master’s courses and demonstration of achievement of objectives and competencies of the courses required for the post-master’s certificate.
  • Students in nurse practitioner certification concentrations must hold a master’s or doctoral degree as an advanced practice registered nurse from an accredited program.
  • When an individual is admitted, an evaluation of the transcript is completed. Each required course in the relevant concentration is compared to the entering student’s transcript. Upon admission, the school determines whether those course objectives have been fully or partially met in prior master’s or doctoral work. Prior courses that are accepted as evidence of full or partial completion are listed on the individual plan of study. This plan will be signed by the entering student and the advisor before the individual actually enrolls. Thus, the plan of study is agreed upon in advance.

Post-master's application instructions.

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