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Center for Biobehavioral Clinical Research

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The Center for Biobehavioral Clinical Research (CBCR) was established in the early 2000s and evolved to its present sustained status with support from Center Grants awarded by the National Institute of Nursing Research (P20 NR008988, 2004-2009, McCain, PI;  P30 NR011403, 2009-2014, Grap, PI) and from institutional and philanthropic funds.

A summary of the CBCR's original organizational structure, services, and outcomes can be found in the P30 Center Grant final report of May 2014.  The current structure, activities, and outcomes are summarized in a NINR Center Directors Meeting Poster presented at the NINR Director's Meeting in May 2017.

Currently operating under the umbrella of the SON's Office of Research, Scholarship, and Innovation, the CBCR's general aims are to:

  • Expand research capacity for scientists conducting biobehavioral clinical nursing research focused on symptom and self-management science
  • Advance biobehavioral approaches for symptom and self-management science in diverse populations
  • Facilitate the development and expansion of programs of independent, investigator-initiated biobehavioral research
  • Foster interdisciplinary biobehavioral research collaboration within, across, and outside the university
  • Establish a mature environment of sustainable clinical biobehavioral research in symptom and self-management science

The CBCR has transformed the research program of the VCU School of Nursing (SON) by enabling its researchers to significantly advance biobehavioral science and symptom management in a variety of patient populations, including the critically ill and those with chronic conditions.  The CBCR's vision for the future is that the SON will sustain and expand the CBCR's infrastructure and success in symptom and self-management science with a strong focus on developing precision science-driven behavioral interventions.

The outstanding Research Support Services developed through the CBCR are also now housed within the Office of Research, Scholarship, and Innovation [see SON Research ORG Chart, August 2018].  This robust infrastructure, which is available to all faculty, includes Biostatistics and Data Services and the Biobehavioral Research Laboratory.

The CBCR's biobehavioral researchers include the SON faculty listed below. Doctoral students and individuals from other disciplines are also members of the CBCR:

CBCR researchers are engaged in numerous projects and are continually expanding their contributions to the scientific literature.  They meet quarterly to discuss advancement of the Center's research agenda, and more frequently depending on specific scientific initiatives. The CBCR welcomes members from other disciplines.  If you are interested in learning more about the CBCR, please email SONOR@vcu.edu and put "CBCR inquiry" in the subject line.


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