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The Center for Biobehavioral Clinical Research includes the following scientists, project directors and affiliates.


Mary Jo Grap, Ph.D., RN, ACNP, FAAN
Principal investigator and director of Administrative Core
Grap’s research focuses on improving pulmonary outcomes in critically ill adults, specifically related to reducing ventilator associated pneumonia and optimizing sedation.

Nancy L. McCain, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
Director of Biobehavioral Science Core
McCain’s individual research in biobehavioral science focuses on testing intervention strategies for stress management in persons with HIV infection and in women receiving chemotherapy for early-stage breast cancer.

R.K. Elswick Jr., Ph.D.
Director of Biostatistics and Data Services Core
Elswick serves as a co-investigator on several independently funded studies of the School of Nursing faculty.

Project directors

Victoria Menzies, VCU Adult Health and Nursing Systems
Nancy Jallo, VCU Family and Community Health Nursing
Jo Lynne Robins, VCU Family and Community Health Nursing
Suzanne Ameringer, VCU Family and Community Health Nursing
Jeanne Walter, VCU Family and Community Health Nursing
Angela Starkweather, VCU Adult Health and Nursing Systems


Kyungeh An, VCU Adult Health and Nursing Systems
Sandy Barker, VCU Department of Psychiatry
Al Best, VCU School of Dentistry
Lisa Brown, VCU Family and Community Health Nursing
Richard Brown, VCU Department of Social and Behavioral Health
Kathleen Ingram, VCU Department of Psychology
Jessica Ketchum, VCU Department of Biostatistics
Wendy Kliewer, VCU Department of Psychology
Janet Knisely, VCU Addiction Psychiatry Substance Abuse
Pam Parsons, VCU Virginia Commonwealth University Health System
Jeanne Salyer, VCU Adult Health and Nursing Systems
Chris Schubert, Air Force Institute of Technology
Curtis Sessler, VCU Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Kevin Ward, VCU Department of Emergency Medicine
Paul Wetzel, VCU Department of Biomedical Engineering

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