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Centralized shared services have improved the research infrastructure of the School of Nursing in ways that provide benefits to both currently funded researchers and new center investigators.

New investigators can systematically access equipment and knowledge developed in establishing the research base of the center, and center investigators do not have to independently recreate collaborative relationships, structures, and processes for development and execution of each new project.

The CBCR Core Laboratory gives new and established researchers direct access to laboratory services that may not be available otherwise, and provides greater control over measurement than is possible with outside contractor services.

Available services

In addition to data services and laboratory services, we offer:

Biobehavioral science support
The CBCR provides support to nursing faculty focused on biobehavioral science. Our expert researchers can assist researchers as they identify a research focus, develop their studies and locate study participants. For more information, please contact Nancy McCain at nlmccain@vcu.edu or Debra Lyon at delyon@vcu.edu.

Grant development
Center scientists provide valuable guidance to nurse scientists as they design a research study and apply for funding. This support can be especially helpful to faculty who are new to research and funding.

Research assistant support
CBCR’s research assistants provide study preparation and implementation services. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting with Institutional Review Board, Massey Cancer Center and Clinical Research Services proposal preparation
  • Creating documents (e.g., maps, written directions) to help participants find the study location
  • Preparing participant materials, developing and copying all materials (e.g., participant questionnaires) and creating participant folders
  • Creating and maintaining a research bag that includes materials needed for data collection, including lab specimen collection materials, pens and pencils, parking validation stickers, participant folders, research questionnaires, etc.
  • Training and coordinating work of research assistants, conducting data collection, and checking data for accuracy and completeness
  • Facilitating subject recruitment, identifying participants, managing and conducting follow-up visits, and transcribing audio interviews
  • Updating literature reviews for principal investigators prior to publication of results
  • Developing posters: The School of Nursing’s IT Department will print posters for researchers invited to conferences. We have a 42-inch poster printer. Please check any materials received from the conference hosts for information related to size restrictions. The IT department requests two weeks to print posters.

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