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Application opens:
June 15, 2016

Application deadline:
September 15, 2016
extended to November 1, 2016

Admission decision notification:
December 15, 2016

Mandatory orientation:
May 16-18, 2017

Classes begin:
May 22, 2017

Before you begin the application process, please review to be sure you understand the following items:

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all items are received by September 15th to complete the application.  You can view the items received and processed by visiting your VCU VIP page.  Please allow the VCU Admissions Office and the School of Nursing's admission team 2 weeks to match items received to your application.  Application materials received after September 15th will not be considered and the application will remain incomplete. 

1. Application
Complete the online application for undergraduate admission; select "Apply for Readmission or Transfer Undergraduate Admission" and “Transfer (Nursing-MCV Campus)” as your admission type from the dropdown box and "summer 2017" as your admission term from the dropdown box.  Pay the application fee unless you are a currently enrolled, full-time VCU student.

Contact the VCU Admissions Office's nursing processor if you have issues or questions about completing the application.

2. Supplemental materials
Complete and submit the School of Nursing's supplemental materials form.  As part of this form, you will:

  • Acknowledge that you have read and understand the School of Nursing’s:
    • Admission requirements
    • Technical standards
    • Criminal background check and drug screening policy
  • Respond briefly and thoughtfully to the four (4) mandatory questions (instructions provided on the supplemental materials form) 1,500 character limit per question:
    • “Describe your professional goals and discuss how obtaining a baccalaureate degree in nursing will help you meet your goals. Provide one example from your past that demonstrates how your work ethic/diligence will help you achieve these goals.”
    • “Overcoming adversities and challenges in life provides an individual the opportunity for reflection on personal growth and resilience. Describe a significant personal, academic or professional challenge you have faced and the steps you took to address this challenge. Include whether you turned to anyone in facing the challenge, the role that person played, and what you learned about yourself.”
    • “VCU School of Nursing is committed to sustaining a tradition of educational excellence by preparing future scholars and leaders in health care. Leadership is marked by an ability to collaborate with others, and as a nurse you will be expected to work as part of a team. Describe one example of your leadership experience in which you significantly influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to team efforts over time.”
    • “Community can include family, school, neighborhood, volunteer or service organizations, etc. Provide a personal example of community engagement when you made a significant contribution to improve the lives of others. Describe your role, length of involvement and improvements made within the community.”

Contact the School of Nursing's admissions team (NURADMISSION@vcu.edu) if you have issues or questions about completing the supplemental materials form.

3. References
Two (2) references are required -- one academic and one professional.  Personal references are not accepted.

References are an important part of your application because they allow individuals who know you well to speak about the characteristics we value.

The academic reference should be provided by an individual who is familiar with your academic ability and potential for success in an academically challenging program.  An acceptable reference would be from a faculty member, teaching assistant or academic advisor who worked closely with you.

The professional reference should be provided by an individual who is familiar with your character and work ethic.  Acceptable references would be from supervisors of paid or volunteer positions.

Examples of references that are considered personal and are not accepted are those from:

  • A co-worker in a paid or volunteer position
  • A family member
  • A friend or neighbor, even if the individual is a healthcare professional
  • A personal healthcare provider

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 guarantees student access to their educational records.  Students, however, are entitled to waive their rights of access concerning recommendations.  Choose one of the links below to provide to each of your references:

  • I waive my rights to inspect the contents of this recommendation.
  • I do not waive my rights to inspect the contents of this recommendation.

References may only be submitted electronically using the forms above.

Contact the School of Nursing's admissions team (NURADMISSION@vcu.edu) if you have issues or questions about submitting your references.

4. Transcripts
Submit official transcripts to the VCU Admissions Office from every college and university attended, including course work taken as high school dual-enrollment credit, nondegree-seeking credit, study abroad or course work taken and transferred to another institution.  Applicants who have studied outside of the U.S. must also provide a course-by-course external credential evaluation from ECE or WES no older than two years at the time of application.

The School of Nursing cannot accept official student transcripts, however, you may upload unofficial transcripts to the supplemental materials form (item #2 above).  The unofficial transcripts will be used by the School of Nursing until your official transcripts are received and processed by the VCU Admissions Office.

Official transcripts can be mailed (P.O. Box 842526, Richmond, VA 23284-2526) or emailed directly from your college (UGRAD@vcu.edu).

Contact the VCU Admissions Office's nursing processor if you have issues or questions about submitting your official transcripts.

Contact the School of Nursing's admissions team (NURADMISSION@vcu.edu) if you have issues or questions about submitting your unofficial transcripts.

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