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Our Mission

We shape the future of nursing through the power of education, discovery and collaboration.

Our Vision

VCU School of Nursing will be the destination for those committed to transforming health care.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Adhering to the highest standards of honesty, respect and ethics
  • Compassion: Identifying and understanding the perspective, experiences, or motivations of others; acting on a desire to alleviate the suffering of or help others
  • Diversity: Ensuring a climate of trust, honesty and integrity where all people and ideas are valued; recognizing differences as an asset
  • Innovation: Cultivating discovery, creativity, originality, inventiveness, and talent
  • Collaboration: Fostering collegiality and cooperation to advance learning, entrepreneurship and inquiry

Aligned with the core values expressed in VCU's Quest 2025: Together We Transform and the VCU Code of Conduct, we provide services that benefit the profession and promote the health and well-being of diverse individuals, families and communities, as outlined in the VCU School of Nursing Diversity Plan.

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