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Academic Affairs

Debra Barksdale, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Academic Programs

Chazley Logan
Monica Lozano
Fonda Neal
LaTina Pitts
Terisa Smith
Kayla Watts

Clinical Learning Center

Kimberly Curry-Lourenco, Director, Clinical Learning Center
Jamaal Ellis
Beth Goodloe
Daphne Terrell

Enrollment and Student Services

Jeannetta Hollins, Director, Office of Student Success
Rebecca McCallister
E. Stubblefield

Adult Health and Nursing Systems

Beth Rodgers, Chair, Department of Adult Health and Nursing Systems
Kyungeh An
Lorraine Anderson
Marianne Baernholdt
Darci Bowles
Holly Buchanan
Rachel Cloutier
Jane Marie Corker
Beth Elias
Mary Falk
Dawn Goldstein
Lyons Hardy
Tanya Huff
Terry Jones
Brekk Macpherson
Morgan Martin
Victoria Menzies
Lathika Mohanraj
Shelly Orr
Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff
Tracye Proffitt
Jo Lynne W. Robins
Jeanne Salyer
Lana Sargent
Shelly Smith
Tammy E. Williams

Business Office, Administration, Technology

Business Office

Delores D. Armstrong
Demmie Pennix


Jacqueline Van Dao
Kevin Edwards

Information Technology

Suzanne McGinnis
Elizabeth Miles
Bryan Royal
Predrag Stojanovic

Dean's Office

Jean Giddens, Dean
Alesia Gibbs
LaToya Blizzard

Development and Communications

Kate Haydon, Senior Director of Development
Angela L. Flagg, Director of Communications
Amanda M. Lynch
Brittany Taylor

Family and Community Health Nursing

Christine Wynd , Chair, Department of Family and Community Health Nursing
Suzanne Ameringer
Genevieve Beaird
Pamela J. Biernacki
Lisa Brown
Andrea Chambliss
Jane Chung
Kimberly Davis
Mary Kay Goldschmidt
Allison Gregory
Nancy Jallo
Candace Johnson
Patricia Kinser
Susan Lindner
Carley Lovell
Kimberly Mason
Juliane Milburn
Carla Nye
Debra Shockey
Tamara Zurakowski

Langston Center for Quality, Safety and Innovation

Michael Bleich, Interim Director, Langston Center for Quality, Safety and Innovation
Jamie Smalley

Office of Research, Scholarship, and Innovation

Deborah B. McGuire, Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship and Innovation

Research Administration

Christina Kyrus
Vaishali Naphade

Research Support Services

Leroy R. Thacker II, Director, Research Support Services
R.K. Elswick, Jr.
Erica Gregory
Sally Russell

Biobehavioral Research Laboratory

Theresa Swift-Scanlan, Director, Biobehavioral Laboratory Services
Hayley Fried

Practice and Community Engagement

Pamela Parsons, Director for Practice and Community Engagement
Wilda Jones
Ethlyn McQueen-Gibson

VCU Health Partners

Deborah Zimmermann, Assistant Dean for Clinical Programs

A to Z directory

Faculty directory

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