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Affiliate Scholars Program (ASP)

This program attracts local, regional, and national interprofessional experts in one or more areas of innovation, quality and/or safety. Through ASP membership a culture of influence, positivity, and urgency for high impact change within health care is created. Strategies that early identify vexing health problems that impact patients and populations and that influence the rapid uptake of solutions are advanced in this think tank. The ASP advises the Center’s overall direction and helps secure human and material resources to fulfill the mission. Finally, the ASP is affiliated with the Richmond Chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

Partners to Advance Quality Program (PAQ)

The PAQ is a field-based approach to apply quality and safety principles using leadership dyads representing differing disciplines. Up to six physician-nurse leadership teams (or other combinations) engage in an eight-session program where a quality or safety issue is identified that impacts team functioning or clinical outcomes. Selecting from a set of online learning modules (each 20-30 minutes in duration), the dyads select relevant advanced quality/safety concepts that are then introduced or reinforced. Each dyad strategizes with a quality leadership coach as to how the online content addresses the problem, how to develop a signature solution, engage stakeholders, and accelerate their learning across disciplines and departments. Participants complete the eight sessions in a time frame not to exceed 12 weeks, then meet face-to-face with the other dyads to share lessons learned, outcomes achieved, and offer recommendations to advance organizational spread of knowledge.

Leadership Fellows Program

First initiated through the Dean’s Office, the Leadership Fellows Program now has a home in the Langston Center. Through a competitive process, undergraduate nursing students are given the opportunity to develop as leaders through a series of programs, mentorship opportunities and community service, as ambassadors for the School and as change agents. This scholarship program supports undergraduate tuition and affords highly motivated and promising undergraduate students a total immersion into nursing leadership role functions.

Virtual Innovations in Quality and Safety Global Forum (VIQS)

This event will gather clinicians, scholars, scientists, regulators, and leaders in a virtual dialogue on how innovation can influence quality and safety, with global implications tied to how knowledge exchange can advance the rapid uptake of global strategies to impact health outcomes. Sessions will address work culture, environment health and wellbeing, access to care, models for setting standards and measuring competencies, advances in quality science, and strategies for resolving seemingly intractable problems, issues like hand hygiene – where countless strategies and enormous resources have been invested with limited sustained impact. This forum will be conducted virtually over several time blocks to accommodate various time zones in the United States and abroad.

Bresenoff-Feierstein Innovation Series and Forging New Boundaries Quality Symposium (FBIS and FNBQS)

The Bresenoff-Feierstein Innovation Series (FBIS) and FNB Quality Symposium are educational development initiatives that bring top scholars in innovation and entrepreneurship and quality and safety, respectively, to campus. Exposing students, faculty, clinicians, the at-large community and others to master teacher/educators with state-of-the-science knowledge, these programs aim to influence practice, policy and research; encourage innovation and creativity; and stimulate leadership best practices to an array of individuals in health care and academic settings and advance consumer knowledge on how to navigate and experience the health system.

Richmond Chapter Institute for Healthcare Improvement (RIHI Chapter)

An affiliate of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the Langston Center hosts the Richmond chapter of the IHI. Members include those aligned with the ASP, the ULF and students from other disciplines. The purpose of the local chapter is to advance quality science leadership, attend to issues and trends in innovation science and engage in IHI national activities relevant to our local needs.

Bresenoff-Feierstein Innovation Grant Award (IGA)

The IGA is a competitively reviewed grant opportunity for faculty or student innovation (with a faculty sponsor) to gain experience in innovation and design thinking and testing and evaluating a prototype that shows potential for scalability. Given annually, the grant promotes entrepreneurial opportunities in one or more areas: testing new care delivery models or enhancing a job role, improving decision-support for frontline health workers, enhancing referrals and/or improving care coordination, introducing a new product or technology to improve patient or community-based care, or enhancing the design of an existing technology that would improve quality and safety.

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