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Why VCU?

Earn your degree at the #22 ranked undergraduate nursing program in the country.

Your B.S. degree will integrate classroom study with clinical practice. VCU’s nursing curriculum includes an interdisciplinary approach to clinical practice, meaning you will learn alongside and collaborate with students in other health science programs and disciplines, across VCU’s academic health sciences campus. You’ll learn from the best: a diverse faculty with wide-ranging interests and scholarship. And, you’ll be prepared to meet the needs of the diverse and rapidly-changing world we live in.

After earning the B.S. in nursing, graduates are eligible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses.


Traditional B.S.

Applicants with college credits who are seeking their first degree in nursing should apply to the traditional B.S. track.

Spend your freshman year as a pre-nursing student, completing prerequisites (here at VCU or at your institution of choice) and applying to the VCU School of Nursing. In that year, you will supported by a dedicated pre-nursing advisor who will make sure you complete required courses and help you navigate the application process. You start the nursing program your sophomore year and then start on your path to become a nurse.

If you are a highly-qualified high school senior, you can apply to the VCU Honors College Guaranteed Admission Program which guarantees admission to the VCU School of Nursing.

Review all application instructionsprogram overviewadmission and degree requirements. We encourage you to attend an information session or contact us at vcu_nurse@vcu.edu if you have questions.



Applicants who have a baccalaureate or higher degree but no nursing degree have two options to apply for admission:

  1. Apply to the traditional B.S. track, (no courses taught during the summer) or
  2. Apply to the accelerated B.S. track, which starts in the summer and is the quickest path to obtain a baccalaureate degree.

Both tracks prepare graduates with the nursing knowledge and skills needed for professional practice.

Review all application instructionsprogram overviewadmission and degree requirements.  We encourage you to attend an information session or contact us at vcu_nurse@vcu.edu if you have questions.


RN to B.S.

Are you a registered nurse with a diploma or associate’s degree from an accredited program? Our online RN to B.S. completion program allows you to earn a baccalaureate degree in six semesters while you continue to work. .

With co-enrollment, you enroll concurrently in VCU’s online RN-B.S. program and your community college program. VCU's co-enrollment program efficiently combines associate’s degree coursework at your local college with online classes at VCU, so you can earn your B.S. degree flexibly and affordably.

The co-enrollment program accepts applicants on a rolling basis for enrollment every fall, spring and summer semester. Students who meet the requirements are guaranteed admission.

Earn your degree with the #22-ranked undergraduate nursing program in the country AND receive guaranteed admission to any VCU School of Nursing graduate program.

 Here's how it works:

  • Start co-enrollment after the completion of your second semester of your associate's nursing program
  • Begin your online VCU nursing classes while you continue in-person learning at your community college
  • As a co-enrollment student, your first four VCU classes are automatically covered by a scholarship and you are eligible for additional scholarships to cover the cost of your remaining VCU courses
  • Complete the program and earn your B.S. in nursing with the #22-ranked undergraduate nursing program in the country
  • Get access to academic advising support and VCU libraries, gyms, and other campus amenities

VCU School of Nursing has co-enrollment agreements with the following institutions:

  • Brightpoint Community College
  • Rappahannock Community College
  • Southside Virginia Community College
  • J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

Review all application instructionsprogram overviewadmission and degree requirements. We encourage you to attend an information session or contact us at vcu_nurse@vcu.edu if you have questions.

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