Plan of Study

D.N.P. in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration

Year 1 (total credits=24)
Semester Course Credits
Fall NURS 504: Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NURS 623: Advanced Health Assessment 3
NURS 610: Health Information & Emerging Technologies 3
Immersion I -
Spring NURS 502: Advanced Pharmacology 3
NURS 580: Primary Care of the Adult-Gerontology Population 4
NURS 607: Epidemiology and Population Health 3
Summer NURS 632: Maternal & Child Health in Primary Care 3
NURS 595: Family Primary Care Practicum I 2
Year 2 (total credits=24)
Semester Course Credits
Fall NURS 642: Family Primary Care Practicum II 4
NURS 608: Quality Improvement in Practice 3
NURS 590: Complex Problems in Family Primary Care 4
Immersion II -
Spring NURS 606: Evaluating Evidence to Improve Health Outcomes 3
NURS 605: Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement 3
NURS 658: Family Primary Care Practicum III 4
Summer NURS 665: DNP Project: Proposal Development 3
Immersion III -
Year 3 (total credits=18)
Semester Course Credits
Fall NURS 661: DNP Residency I: Mentored Practicum  6
NURS 638: Health Policy Leadership and Advocacy 3
Immersion IV -
Spring NURS 621: Leadership and Organizational Systems 3
NURS 663: DNP Residency II: Mentored Practicum 6

Total Credits: 66


Immersion is an in-person learning experience required at four points throughout the program. Each immersion experience is one full day on campus, typically the first week of the designated semester. It provides students with an opportunity to engage with their instructors and peers, discuss and highlight important topics and check-in and receive support within a convenient and concentrated timeframe.