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The modern health care system is complex, and even when a care plan has been developed for a patient, implementing it fully and correctly can be a challenge. VCU has developed a 12-credit online post-baccalaureate graduate certificate program to train you to confidently assist patients and their families as they transition within health care settings.  

If you’re a health care professional with at least a bachelor’s degree, the certificate in Care Coordination will provide you with unique “boots on the ground” training from faculty in a variety of healthcare disciplines, such as nursing, social work, and health policy. 


Program Goals
The Certificate in Care Coordination is a 12-credit graduate certificate program delivered 95% online. Courses are primarily offered online with an in-person weekend introduction and an in-person final capstone project presentation. The program will provide enrolled students with strategies and tools to become effective care coordinators for individuals with complex health care needs, and will focus on health care delivery in Virginia. Successful graduates of this program will be equipped to empower patients and their families who are at high-risk for excess use of health care services to effectively reduce health system burdens and decrease adverse health outcomes.

Student Outcomes
Graduates will be able to:

  1. Evaluate methods of effective care coordination to minimize cost and enhance health outcomes in a variety of clinical settings.
  2. Demonstrate skills of effective communication and collaboration within the interprofessional team and across settings.
  3. Explain the overall infrastructure and regulation of U.S. health care and its effect on care coordination.
  4. Appraise health care payment models as they relate to utilization review, compliance and reimbursement.

This 12-credit (post-baccalaureate) graduate certificate program takes place over three semesters. The program is primarily offered online with an in-person weekend introduction and final capstone project presentation.

Semester 1, 2 credits, first 7 weeks:  NURS 530 US Health Care and Care Coordination
Semester 1, 2 credits, second 7 weeks:  NURS 531 Health Care Payment Models and Care Coordination
Semester 2, 2 credits, first 6 weeks:  NURS 532 Ethical and Legal Considerations in Care Coordination
Semester 2, 3 credits, second 9 weeks:  NURS 533 Transitional Care
Semester 3, 3 credits, 9 weeks: NURS 534 Community-based Care Coordination


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